In its most basic form, meditation is simply the skill of being still and guiding our attention with intent.  It allows us to tune into ourselves, and the present moment,  instead of having a consistent focus on the constant stream of thoughts in our mind.


About Meditation

In its most basic form, meditation is simply the skill of being still and guiding our attention with intent.  It allows us to tune into ourselves, and the present moment,  instead of having a consistent focus on the constant stream of thoughts in our mind. It is the best way to develop mindfulness, and a proven way to help us de-stress, relax and calm our 'monkey minds'.

 Meditation can be practiced in many different forms, including focusing on the breath, being mindful of the present moment, repeating a mantra, or focusing on inducing positive states such as love and compassion.

Over recent years, we have seen vast amounts of research being conducted into the benefits of meditation, and we are only now coming to realise its many benefits, for the mind, body and spirit. Long term benefits of meditation include (amongst many others) stress reduction, anxiety reduction, improving the immune system and clarity of mind.

Although practicing meditation on a one-off basis will no doubt help you to relax improve your mental state, we only really come to see these long-term benefits when we have a regular meditation practice and incorporate meditation into our everyday life. By making meditation a ‘daily habit’ we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves; including our thoughts, emotions and instincts and of the world around us; including the power of slowing down and taking time out.

All meditation courses and workshops, whether in groups, one to one sessions or for business, will help you to understand meditation better and guide you in committing to a regular meditation practice, as well as experiencing the calmness and stillness of the practice itself.

I deliver meditation classes in Manchester and online via Zoom. 

During the Coronavirus crisis, the health and safety of my clients is of primary importance. You can view the Covid-19 infection and control policy from the home page. 

Group Classes and Courses



Tuesday evenings - starting again in October 2021 in Stretford, Manchester

A one hour class where you can explore different styles of meditation, helping you to relax, find inner calmness and create a happier, healthier state of mind. 

All meditations will be fully supported and guided by myself - a trained and accredited meditation teacher and trainer. All classes are suitable for any level of experience. 

Practicing mindfulness and meditation has been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety, improve resilience and work as an effective coping strategy in difficult times. 



Tuesday evenings @ 6.30pm (Starting on 15th June) - Stretford Public Hall, Stretford, Manchester  

Meditation Class

Get in touch to register your interest and join the waiting list for the next 6 week introduction to meditation course

Please email me at to register your interest. 



Workshops to be added shortly

One on One Sessions


A 6-week meditation course tailored to suit your own personal needs. Learn different meditation techniques in depth and follow a 6-week course to gradually develop your own meditation and mindfulness practice. I offer these meditation classes in Manchester and in person via Zoom. 

By the end of the course, you will have an in-depth understanding of various types of meditation and their benefits and be confident and able to meditate on your own, having found the best practice to suit you.

A reading list for recommended reading around the subject will be provided as well as one to one guidance and help in your learning. You will be encouraged to keep a meditation journal throughout the course, to help you keep track of your progress and all questions you have can be discussed in depth on a one to one basis.

The course also includes support between each lesson and a personalised plan to help you commit to your own practice. You will also receive meditation recordings after each session to use each week, to help you commit to developing a meditation ‘habit’.

We only really begin to see the true effects of meditation when our practice becomes part of our daily routine.

Each session is for 60 minutes and can take place either in person (at a therapy centre in South Manchester) or online.


In Person - £200 for 6-week course, or £35 per session

Online - £170 for 6-week course – or £30 per session

Concessions are available in certain circumstances, such as low income, and payment plans are available. Please contact me directly for more information.

Book a free 20-minute consultation to discuss your needs and arrange your course.


Following the course, you will also be entitled to a discount on the ‘Meditation Membership’, which will help you to continue in your meditation journey. 

Corporate Meditation


Today’s stressful society and fast paced lifestyle can take its toll on our body and mind and the workplace is often where stress is the most prevalent! According to the Government’s 2016 Health and Safety Executive Report on work related stress, anxiety and depression, in 2015/16 stress accounted for 37% of all work-related ill health cases and 45% of all working days lost due to ill health. Learning to manage stress in the workplace is important for employees’ own health and for businesses. Adopting a meditation practice into your working week will help to reduce stress significantly and can help lead to an improvement in productivity, creativity and concentration in employees, all of which are essential for a successful business.

If you would like to offer meditation classes as part of your employment wellbeing package or would like to arrange a talk focused around meditation, mindfulness and stress management as part of a corporate event, please get in touch.

Prices will vary dependent on group sizes and the content of the sessions.

Now taking bookings for businesses throughout the North West or online via Zoom.

Please email me at to arrange your session. 

Here are just some of the recent comments I have had about my sessions for business:

“Really enjoyed it. Felt really relaxed. I thought Catherine was good, very relaxing and explained things well. Much better than what we have had previous!”- Kuits Solicitors

The afternoon meditation classes with Catherine were the highlight of my week. Learning how to calm down my thoughts and practice Mindfulness has really made a difference to my working life and that hour over lunch time where I was able to simply switch off was wonderful”- Anne Marie, Associate. Vardags Solicitors.

 “Catherine was a very welcoming and calming person. I felt she gave a really good overview of the benefits of mindfulness”.- Kuits Solicitors

“Just to let you know the Mindfulness Session I have just attended was amazing, and I really honestly felt that I got a lot from the session. The lady’s voice was very calming. So pleased I made the effort to actually attend”. Kuits Solicitors