Yoga at Home

Work one to one with me

One to one therapies are conducted in person or online and focus on energy techniques to help navigate challenging times.  

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One to one Meditation courses

A 6-week meditation course tailored to suit your own personal needs. Learn different meditation techniques in depth and follow a 6-week course to gradually develop your own meditation and mindfulness practice. I offer these meditation classes in Manchester and in person via Zoom

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Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT and Matrix Re-Imprinting is a safe, gentle and extremely effective healing technique, which can help with almost any physical, psychological or emotional issue. Once you have worked through any immediate issues you may be facing within a therapy sessions, you will also have a tool for life which you can call on at any time of distress

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A gentle and safe, ancient Japanese healing technique which helps to relieve anxiety, stress and other mental and physical ailments as well as helping to promote relaxation

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Integrated Energy Therapy

An integrated approach to energy therapy, based on your needs. Combining meditation, EFT and Reiki to allow a gentle release of energy and emotions, as well as providing emotional balance.